Comprehensive Strategic Consulting

The strategic comprehensive advice consists of structuring a complete package of any company or project that allows organization, planning, control, growth, optimization, profitability and viability for funding.

What is it?

  • It is done in a time of: Two to three weeks. It consists of: Organization of the past, present and future of the company or project.
  • It touches all areas of the company / project: Accounting, operational, documentary, commercial, corporate.
  • Focused on: Correct past mistakes, organize the present, outline the future in greater detail, provide all possible scenarios for funding for the businessman or entrepreneur.
  • For various purposes: Restructuring, process optimization, organization, profitability improvement, projection, managerial planning, viability for funding, expansion, franchises, subsidiaries, acquisitions, mergers, re-profiling, start up / entrepreneurs, business integration, division, valuation, sale etc.
  • All the work is summarized in deliverables that are explained and implemented in the company with the help of the bank.
    The funding process continues with our specialized strategic allies.

Who are we addressing?

Natural or legal persons seeking to develop a project, realize an idea or improve a business or company and who need advice on one or more of the following aspects:

  • Financial structuring
  • Investment banking
  • Administration
  • Tax review
  • Marketing and branding
  • Audit
  • Strategy

What can we achieve?

Through comprehensive strategic consulting, we adequately structure the administrative, financial, accounting and communication resources that your project needs to start, develop or exceed your expectations.

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