Know us

Our core are all natural or legal persons who seek to develop a project, realize an idea or improve a business or company and who need advice on one or more of the following aspects:

  • Funding
  • Financial structuring
  • Investment banking
  • Administration
  • Tax review
  • Marketing & Branding
  • Audit
  • Strategy
  • Advice in public and / or private sector
  • Management of excess liquidity
  • Profitability optimization
  • Portfolios in US dollars
  • Insurance

Glocal Business Advisors has had experience in the sectors:

  • Generation, transmission and commercialization of energy
  • Gas distribution and marketing
  • Mining and oil
  • Health
  • Transport
  • Telecommunication
  • Road construction
  • Hydroelectric
  • Street lighting
  • Aqueduct and sewerage
  • Toilet and sewer
  • Libras sector
  • Litigation Rights Sector
  • Drinking water treatment plants
  • Waste water treatment plants
  • Alternative energy generation (solar, wind, water)
  • Glass industry
  • Real estate projects
  • Hotel sector
  • Restaurants sector
  • Agricultural sector: beef
  • Automotive retail sector
  • Agricultural sector: fish farming
  • Agricultural sector: Rice, palm oil, panela, sugar, wood, rubber, cannabis, hydroponics, lyophilized, frozen, etc.
  • Transactional Platforms Sector
  • Commercial and charter aviation sector
  • Software sector control business management
  • Graphic and Industrial Design Sector
  • Security Sector
  • Education sector
  • Hardware and hardware sector
  • Tourism sector
  • Industrial companies producing oils and butters
  • Dry / multimodal ports
  • Industrial laundry companies at scale
  • Wine sector
  • Textile sector









Analysis and operational structuring

Market, competition and performance study

Accounting analysis and structuring

Accounting audit, tax audit, organization of financial statements with notes and opinion.

Financial planning

Historical financial analysis, financial model of operational, financial projection, risk and value

Marketing strategy

Study and design of the brand platform and strategic positioning, value analysis and performance of the brand and / or its products

Legal structuring

Analysis and structuring of the legal figure implemented or to be implemented, the articles of incorporation, stock agreement, association and business models

Strategic integration

Analysis and structuring of the strategic integration of each of the areas for comprehensive optimization and value maximization

Corporate structuring

Administrative, corporate and inter-relationship organization


  • Allows you to dynamically optimize any decision-making, as well as fundraising, implementation, development and positioning.
  • The client fully knows what he wants to do and its implications in a dynamic and optimized way over time and its impact in each of the areas.
  • It allows to maximize profitability, income, add value and positioning as well as guarantees in the corporate game and inter-company relationship
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