About Glocal Business Advisors

We are a consulting company specialized in analyzing, structuring, planning, projecting, evaluating, optimizing and executing projects, business ideas and companies, dynamically integrating all aspects of your company to generate greater profitability and continuous growth.

We develop a type of strategic comprehensive advice for any company or project that is personalized to each of the clients.


Glocal Business Advisors was created in 2013 as an investment bank by financial experts, bankers, lawyers and great business allies. Since then Glocal Business Advisors has been dedicated to structuring projects and/or companies and their funding, acquiring a broad portfolio of solid experience.


Glocal Business Advisors is a financial advisory firm that structures projects / companies focused on the Andean Region, Central America, United States, Canada, Europe.

Glocal’s partners bring with them an extensive network of contacts in Latin America, Central America, North America and Europe and have strong alliances with other institutions that allow this network to be extended throughout the region and optimize the funding / capital raising processes , strategic, investment, and / or commercial relationships, according to each particular interest.

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